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Guitar hero 3- EVERY CHEAT 4 GAME


Guitar hero 3- EVERY CHEAT 4 GAME

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  1. Fuk dude im stuck on the same songs but im on hard and usin the controller one gets at the part before the solo and raining blood gets me at the part after the beginning i think its clalled hard rain

  2. For raining blood its alot of hammer ons so it reduces strumming or you can be like me and use the controller i beat raining blood on expert with the controller but it took me about a year to do it

  3. I tried to get bret michels 1,000,000 times on wii. no I no what I did wrong. IT IS NOT FOR WII!

  4. yes he did. they r in the description. just go to cheats menu on GH and hit the notes he gave u

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