Homefront or black ops xbox 360?

Homefront or black ops xbox 360?



  1. If you’re a lone wolf player (doesn’t stick with teammates, rushes), go for Black Ops. If you’re a team player, go with Homefront. Black Ops campaign is a bit easier to follow and Homefront is a bit confusing. Black Ops takes 2 bullets to kill depending on which gun and has more game modes. Homefront takes more patience to kill someone and rushing isn’t reccomended and has 6 game modes but 32 player multiplayer. Both are very fun games. In the end, its your choice.

    P.S If you’re gonna get Homefront, I’d suggest getting it new and not used because you’re gonna need a Battle Code which raises the level cap to the maximum rank (Lv.75) without it, you’re gonna be stuck at Lv.5

  2. Dude honestly by the looks of your name you must like cod games so get black ops. I bought homefront and the next day i took it back cause i found it so bad. The single player has a good story but is such a drag, you’ll literally get bored in 5 minutes.

    Homefront’s multiplayer is also very slow paced in my opinion and extremely campy. Basically if someone is on a building that’s higher then yours he owns the game. And the fact that there’s no killcam really pisses me off too seeing as i do not know what exactly happened.

    The dedicated serves aren’t too good either, it took me around 30 minutes to find a game and when it did, it froze my xbox.

    Black ops to me is fun, and the best cod. but that’s just my opinion. It’s something familiar to mw2 and you’ll enjoy that much more.

  3. well black ops is fun and has really good grafics and homefront has crappy graffics and is reallyyy fun so idk

  4. Black Ops is * and way overrated. Homefront is at least deviating from mainstream *, but Blops just is boring as *

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