How Do I Ban a PS3 from Connecting With My Netgear Router?

How Do I Ban a PS3 from Connecting With My Netgear Router?


My sister bought a PS3 and it driving me mad. I’m a hardcore WoW gamer and I’m now unable to even surf the web never mind play WoW. The PS3 steals bandwidth from every computer in the house and we have tried restricting access to only the Desktops but it some how keeps getting in and it’s not showing up on the Router Client list. We have set the PS3 to a wired connection and it is not connected to anything and the internet has been disabled, but again it still steals the bandwidth.

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  1. just password protect your router

    it means that you can then access it as you got the password at any time, but they can’t

  2. There are two ways to do this.

    The first way is to enable access control. You need to enter the MAC address of each network adapter which is allowed to connect.

    The second way is to assign a static address to the PS3 and add a firewall rule to block that address.

  3. do you have an application control feature on your router? if you do try and disable the ps3 service from being accessed on your router.

  4. It has to show up on the client list if it is connected to the internet.

    Is it still physically connected to the router?

    Enable MAC filtering, and then assign each of the machines individually if you have no reason to ad-hoc connect.

    I’m not convinced the PS3 is your problem though.

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