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If I upgrade the hard drive of a 60gb PS3, will it keep all of the features?


I should be getting a 60gb ps3, and I would like more memory, but i want to know if changing the hard drive will change any of the features.

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  1. You will not lose any features at all. the only thing that will change is your hard drive space. Save anything you want to keep already on the factory hdd to a memory card or flash drive before removing it from the PS3 (game saves, videos, etc.). Do not save game installs. They take up too much room and can be reinstalled from the disc. Be VERY careful when removing the screws from the old hdd, especially the blue one. If you strip them you’re going o in trouble.

  2. The only thing that will change is whatever you stored on the hard drive. (Installed games, demo, wallpaper…etc) As far as for the system setting, it should remain in tact.

  3. If you upgrade your PS3 then you will not lose anything other than the stuff you already have on your Hard Drive. Before you switch hard drives you back up your old one first and then transfer the data from your old one to the new one so that you don’t lose any save data. You won’t lose anything at all if you back up your old hard drive, still has the same features just more hard drive space.

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