Is PS Vita can download games like PSP 2000?

Is PS Vita can download games like PSP 2000?


I want to buy PS Vita but some guy said that PS Vita still doesn’t have a hack and cannot download games like PSP 2000. He said PS Vita can only be played with the game disc. Can PS Vita download games like PSP 2000? The games are saved in a memory stick.

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  1. yes they can be downloaded off PSN. as you heard, vita doesn’t play from discs, it uses a special type of card for games media

  2. The PS Vita is designed to be able to download games, you can buy a memory stick to install the games on and keep your saved games just as with the PSP. There are currently no hacks so you have to buy and then download them from the PSN Store, you can’t just put anything you like in it in the same way as you’re not supposed to with a PSP.

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