Home Playstation Forum Is there a difference between the ps3 and the ps3 HD?

Is there a difference between the ps3 and the ps3 HD?


when I went to my gamestop store looking for a ps3 they had a regular ps3 and a ps3hd wats the diference

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  1. There’s no difference. And when you say HD, which HD? High Definition or Hard Drive?

    All PS3 has the ability to display 1080p HD.

    All PS3 has a hard drive.

  2. There is only one PS3 (not storage wise, but hardware wise). Maybe the ‘PS3HD’ you saw might actually be a PS3 with HDMI cables (that gamespot might give you for some offer).

    PS3 doesn’t come with HDMI cables. so that might be it.

  3. There isnt really no difference between them

    but the only difference i can come up with is, 1 comes with a HDMI cable to plug up to a HD Tv to play your ps3 games in HD, or that its like a 80 GB ps3 with a HDMI cable. It is wrong to say all ps3’s are thesame because there are a few differences for example memory differeces there is a 40GB ps3, 60GB, 80GB and a limited edition 160GB (this one is abit rare) the main differences between them is the memory but the only other differences are as folloowed, for example to 40 GB (Giga Byte) ps3 only has 2 USB ports and the like bump on it doesnt open but on the 60 GB (Giga Byte) it has 4 USB ports and the bump on the ps3 opens and has some extra portas like: I THINK THERE IS A PORT ON THE 60 GB WHEN YOU OPEN THE BUMP, I THINK THERE IS A MEMORY STICKY PRO DUO SLOT, Im not 100% sure about this but i am 93% sure about it.

    I hope i helped.

  4. my brother has the hd one, and its just that you can buy a hd cable so the picture can be nicer

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