Lag Issues for Xbox 360 Live?

Lag Issues for Xbox 360 Live?


I have a linksys router and I bought the 360 Wireless adapter. Everything goes smooth until I try to play the game in which case I will lag unbearably and sometimes I will have to wait half a game in order for the lag to stop.

Are there any solutions to this problem?

I am going through the Linksys network, so what would I need to do to make it secure? Also, how would I go about turning off the internet on other computers in my house?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. If other things are on your network then disable the internet on them. Even when you are not browsing on your computer other programs are constantly scanning the internet for updates etc.

    Also make sure your wifi network is protected because if your neighbors are riding your bandwidth the xbox will be really really slow.

    Other computers that are using that network for internet. yes. or just disable programs like Windows auto update etc.Java and explorer also have auto updates and are constantly scanning the net. To disable internet on those computers goto network connections and select disconnect for the PC.

    To set up security,, your software that came with the router and you loaded onto the PC should have away to set up the security and password. for the whole network.Good luck and hope everything works out.

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