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Minecraft: Story Mode – Review


(Warning: Contains Spoilers!) Like most outstanding Minecraft creations, Minecraft: Story Mode just needs a little more time to build.

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Minecraft: Story Mode - Review


  1. Good thing he mentioned that it's family friendly, i thought it was for mature audiences.

  2. Can a game that is all QTE and dialog still be considered a "game"? A story mode could have worked better with the Minecraft gameplay intact by just having NPCs give you quests and clues, plus some RPG elements and new mobs. Basically, go play Dragon Quest Builders instead.

  3. I LOVE this game series…playing mission 8 just a few days after getting the game. I really recommend it, and all the negative reviews really confuse me…

  4. I recommend this game. I know it seems only for kids. but I swear just play that first episode and it has great voice acting, a not to bad story, and a good pace in the story. I didn't think I was gonna be as good as it was into I actually picked it up and played it. if your a gamer just give it a try and you will be surprised. you might like it

  5. Millions of awesome maps wait to be put in an interactive game and all we got is …a telltale quick event game?!well done Microsoft well done.

  6. great.. just bought this.. not really interested in minecraft, thought this might change my mind about it.. turned out this "game" had little gameplay.. shit..

  7. is only the first episode available to downloud for free on the windows 10 store please get back to me

  8. 1:50 no it doesn't (ps are to telltale:are you trying to get youtubers to lose subs??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+3 pages

  9. Also played the game and really there is no big game change. Like in TWD you choose an option to kill someone over someone. I understand it is a game, but when I make a desicion I instantly click it, I have 0 hesitation to think about my actions because I know who cares. What are they gonna build the house 2 blocks higher? Lol.

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