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Need xbox live marketplace help.



My uncle bought alot of stuff from the marketplace

If he were to bring his account over, or if I recovered it

Can I download the map packs and rock band songs for MY account?

Yes I have a hard drive.

I already downloaded the maps and rock band songs from his account, but when I go in-game to do something like double xp weekend on halo 3 it says I don’t have all of the maps

I’m pretty sure I have all 3 map packs, the hard drive says so anyway.

I can do team slayer fine, nothings wrong at all there.

But will it allow me to download the maps from my uncles account since he already has them, without paying?

My hard drive says I have everything I need, but in-game it says I have nothing.

Is there a fix or is this just not allowed?

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  1. No you can’t keep anything downloaded by another account unless it was done with that hard drive.

  2. no. he can brind his over on a memory unit and recover his account but you cant use them on your own account

  3. If he paid for the downloads with his account the marketplace will allow you to download them again to your hard drive with his account. The online problem is that they will only work for his account. So if you go to halo you cant play those maps unless your signed on as him. Also if any are arcade games you must be signed into live to play the full versions.

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