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Onigiri – Lucifer Normal Run (PS4)


Onigiri - Lucifer Normal Run (PS4)

Onigiri is an action MMO game released by Cyberstep on July 1, 2014. It is influenced by anime and Japanese mythology, and shares some gameplay similarities to others such as Tera and RaiderZ.

This is a guide designed to introduce new players to some of the basic mechanics the game has to offer. It covers classes, stat progression, weapons, identifications, skills, and companions. Enjoy!

© CyberStep, Inc. All music, images, characters, and other works of art involving Onigiri belong to CYBERSTEP and are used in accordance to http://onigiri.cyberstep.com/other/rfd.html. Copyrighted material is used under Fair Use.

Onigiri (MMO) - New Player Guide

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  1. Hi, My name is Steve Dunning, I'm with KMBC TV in Kansas City. Could we use your gameplay video for a story for our newscast tonight? A 12 year old from our area met someone while playing Onigiri and arranged to meet the person face to face. An amber alert was later issued for her and she was found safe. Two people have been arrested. We'd like to use the gameplay video to show people what the game looks like. We would courtesy your Youtube channel. Thanks for your time, Steve

  2. thank u I struggled for so long yesterday when I was playing ongiri bc im new and I had no idea how to identify weapons

  3. ok i may not be that new but my giftbox has a error everytime i try to get something from it is there a way to fix that?

  4. I started this game over 2 years ago and I barely found this channel. If I had found you sooner it would've been so much easier for me. This is great for all of the beginners.

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