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Playstation Network RAISES Prices + PS4 Slim Size Comparison


Playstation Network RAISES Prices + PS4 Slim Size Comparison

Sony Finally Responds to PS Plus Criticism... By INCREASING The Price!! WTF?!


  1. What if I had gotten 2 playstation plus 12 month membership cards on my birthday, March 25, activated one on the 27 of March and still had another would that one be invalid?

  2. It's been five or so years since Playstation Plus was introduced. After adjusting for inflation it's basically the same as it's original cost

  3. Copyright from Xbox this is why PS4 can't get anything from them Selves xbox one is way better.

  4. PlayStation was not cheaper in CA, I pay 60$ a year and PS is going to be 69.99$ that's not cheaper it was the same

  5. just because ir match don't mean they will so the same as xbl just saying before someone call me a xbox fan boy I play on all systems im just a gamer nothing more

  6. Will this affect my current PSN membership? Like on September 22, will I have to pay an extra 20 dollars?

  7. after a break from gaming I come back to this price hike, what bs $29.99 instead of $17.99 for 3 months and the free games suck

  8. Xbox live Gold has 4 good quality games compared to PSN with 2 filler indie games

  9. I swear sony is giving me more of a reason to shift to pc. (once the ps4 cycle dies out I'm going straight to pc)

  10. This wasn't for the criticism this was for money… they used the perk of being "cheaper" against Xbox until they were satisfied with the amount of subscribers they had. They raised the price knowing current ps plus members would pay the extra 10 and be locked into paying more. Sony is filled with a bunch of lying scumbags they should be ashamed of themselves

  11. they should let multiplayer on the next playstation console free,the people who wants multiplayer deserves it

  12. what they have done now this new update makes every thing slower makes every game lag like hell some times you can't move

  13. I think that the fanboys that defend this are just trying to save face when they copied this practice when they were insulting xbox users.

  14. Low blow for Sony. I think I'm going to switch over to PC. Sure it may be expensive buying the parts, but it's a well worth investment. I think those who can afford it should do the same. Bite Sony back in the ass.

  15. Sony u fucking crooks why charge us for on line gaming!!!!fuck it I'm going back to ps3…yes ps3…

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