PS3 flashing red light! HELP!?

PS3 flashing red light! HELP!?


last night i was playing DJ Hero and my PS3 turned off. When I tried to turn it on it wouldn’t. It beeped 3 times then the light turned yellow then was flashing red! I waited about 30 min then turned it on, and the fan came on all crazy! Loud! I was able to eject my game, but now my PS3 wont turn on at all! I left it unplugged all night and it does the same. turn green, 3 beeps, yellow, flashing red. Anyone know what to do or how to fix it? I called sony and the want 150 dollars for a refurbished one! Screw that! I can fix it myself if someone can help me out! Thank you!

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  1. You have suffered the yellow light of death. If you backed up data before the YLOD, you should send it in for a repair/replacement instead of fixing it.

    There are some repair guides on ebay. Youtube also has tutorials on how to “fix” it if you don’t want to pay for the instructions. It is however, a very temporary solution and it will void your warranty.

    You can do it about two times before it will not work anymore. After that you may choose to do something called reflow, but that is time-consuming and should be done by a professional. You can also replace the motherboard.

    I advise you to try the “simple” fix once or twice. If the fix works, backup your PS3 data on an external harddrive. The external HD needs to be formatted to FAT32 first.

    After that you will definitely need a new one.

    There is a person who claims you can get Sony to fix it for free, but I can’t confirm that this will work.

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  2. Hey there,

    i suggest you to fix it yourself with this amazing guide for just $30 better than giving $150+ to sony to fixing it for you and you have to wait 2-4 weeks to get it back.and what do you get from them! a refurbished advice to you fixing it yourself and save $120 in your wallet

    check my source box for more information on how to repair it yourself and avoid sending it to sony

  3. you’ve got yellow light of death ( YLOD )

    there are a few ylod repair guides available online but I hear always that at best you’ll get another 3 months ( maybe a bit more ) before it’s done for without some new parts that will be difficult to find.

    you must have a 40 gig?

    unfortunately it’s not worth as much as a b/c system. you can even trade those in now apparently , send Sony a broken one and get a new slim for $150

    good luck

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