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PS3? How many players total?


exactly the question above. How many players can play on the PS3?

i think it’s 2 but then my cousin said 4 so.wat exactly is it?


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  1. For most games, it is either:

    -Single Player

    -2 to 4 player splitscreen

    But in games like Madden 09 and other sports games where everyone is on the same screen, there can be up to 7 players.

  2. The PS3 can support up to 7 bluetooth devices.

    Therefore 7 PS3 controllers can be connected to one PS3 but if another bluetooth device was connected, it would be 6 controllers.

    For example, if there were 7 controllers already connected to the PS3, a bluetooth mic will not connect unless one of the controllers are turned off.

  3. A PS3 can handle up to 7 dualshock3/sixaix controllers at one time.

    No 2 controllers is for the ps2 and psone.

    4 controllers is for something from microsoft or nintendo.

  4. You’re both wrong. Up to 7 players can play on one ps3. Though I don’t know of any games that actually support that. It would be pretty silly – it isn’t a wii, after all. But you can sync 7 controllers on one ps3 if you feel like it.

  5. The PS3 can have 7 devices connected at once (7 controllers, 6 controllers and 1 remote, etc.).

    It all depends on the game. There are currently no games that support 7 players offline, but if there were, you could have 7 different controllers hooked up at once. The game will determine how many players can actually play at once. I know Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (Everybody’s Golf: World Tour) can play up to 4 people offline.

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