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PS3 laser will not read any discs but will spin?


I have had my PS3 for about 4 to 5 years now. And one night i was playing it and the next day it would not read any disc i put in it. But it sounds like its going to eject the disc on its own but will stay in then keep spinning. Do any of you think that i should get a CD laser cleaner or do you think its just broke. By the way it gets dusty and i play it every day.

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  1. Try cleaning the lens. If that doesn’t work then you can always try the old trick which worked with the PS1 and PS2, turn it upside down to make up for the worn DVD spindle bearings. As they wear the height at which the DVD sits changes, it can get so that the laser can’t focus on it. If you do this then make sure that the vents remain clear.

  2. DO NOT USE A CD LASER CLEANER ON A BLU RAY READER! the lens is closer to the disc then traditional dvd players, and the brushes on a cd laser cleaner can scratch the lens. Maxell makes a blu ray lens cleaner that uses air flow instead of brushes, it cost about 20 bucks.

    It could be a case of the laser going bad, or dust inside, it could be a lot of things really. Try cleaning g your discs and your disc drive. (Using above mentioned cleaner disc, or I your so inclined, open up your disc drive and clean with alcohol and a lint free cloth.)

    otherwise you could try and replace the laser yourself, or the whole drive (a lot easier in my opinion) or just buy a new ps3.

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