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PS4: How to Update Firmware with USB


PS4: How to Update Firmware with USB


  1. is there anyway possible to redownload an update without a PC I don't own one but I do have a 1gb thumbstick recently got a ps4 and the internet technician hooked up our internet very poorly it caused our internet to drop and was very slow so I'm scared that it might have affected my software update although it did finish downloading the update on my ps4 even states that I have the latest version but it has been very slow I rebuilt the data base it sped the system up a bit but it's still sluggish could I possibly format it would that possibly make it to where my ps4 would have to redownload the update automatically without a PC or thumbstick would really appreciate any feedback on this predicament im in

  2. I did everything on the video and my USB is a 65 GB and when I put it in my PS4 it says file not found

  3. I tried this and it worked but than I put my ps4 on rest mode so it can download my games it gave me the thing were I needed to download the update on the usb I'm stuck

  4. My usb is being a pain in the ass, I followed the steps in this video and all my ps4 does is give a pop up that say, "Update file not found" and it is getting annoying. Please help!

  5. thanks bro u saved me from throwing my ps4 out the window I wasn't downloading the right one ! thanks!

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