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Question about returning an XBOX 360!?


I bought an XBOX 360 Arcade from WalMart about a year ago, but now its broken and i didnt buy a warranty. Can i return it to WalMart without its box. (I heard it has a 1 year warranty by itself)

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  1. last year Bill Gates extended the warranty to 3 years.

    go to http://www.xbox.com/support

    and register your xbox 360 then find the repair area of the support site

    repair is free for three year if you get the red ring of death. but otherwise it may cost you.

    once you state your problem you state a date that UPS should pick it up from u, then Microsoft repair it for you

  2. No way. The return policy from Walmart is not going to be a year. If it’s truly broken and not bricked, you can try contacting Microsoft to see if you can get a replacement but other than that you’re out of luck.

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