should i buy a ps3 or a ps4?

should i buy a ps3 or a ps4?


i live in lebanon where the ps3 costs 400$ and the ps4 costs 750$ i can buy it this year from america for 250$ (ps3) and 400$(ps4)!! the problem is i don’t know what to get if i get the ps4 i’ll have to wait alooooot till the gd cd’s come out like gta 5 infamous 1 and 2 and so on

in my country when the cd first comes out it costs 120$ so thats double the price and after 2-3 months it becomes 60$ so i’ll have to wait 5 months just for gta5!!

ps3 is still a gd gaming console!! but i’ve heard they are gonna stop making cd’s for the ps3 is that true?

and if u know is watchdogs gonna be for ps3 also?!

thank u :)

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  1. gta v and infamus 1 & 2 will never go out for ps4. watch dogs will be on ps3 and ps4, xbox one, xbox 360

  2. GTA 5 and InFamous 1 and 2 wont be on PS4. Watch Dogs will be on PS3. The PS3 has more games to play but if you want to wait for PS4 games to come out you can.

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