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should i get the xbox 360?


hey guys i have a ps3 and its cool u know i like it but im a hardcore gamer so im thinkin of getting the xbox 360 but im not sure if its the best idea so the question is what are the perks of getting the xbox and please no stupid answers like cause the ps3 sucks i mean real reasons i already know the pro’s and cons of the ps3 know i just wanna know the pro’s and cons of the xbox 360


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  1. 1st of all dont listen to alex32 since hes probably only played MW2. and now the pro and con

    1 thing you can list is that xbox is more for the hardcore players

    I also have to say even though you pay $50 a year for live its worth it since people pay you know the online quality is better. The new xbox has wi-fi and is 802.11n which is pretty dam fast and since its slimer its a smaller then the ps3.also better communication with the com!munity.

    Theres not many cons but if you want to know

    1. RROD (Red Ring Of Death) (Though the chance of it droped a bit since the new xbox

    2. it scratches disk of you tilt it

    3.Sometimes the community can be a pain in the butt

  2. long story short stay with ps3. ITS FREE! unless u wanna hack and mod games go with xbox cuz thats what everyone does

  3. You already have a PS3 but I figured I’d list it anyways. I have both and I will say with no bias, the 360 is by far better for competitive gaming. There are many more clans on gamebattles and there are more competitions for prize money, plus the level of the gamers is much higher, especially on COD:MW and MW2 and BFBC2. I have played both competitively, and have also play the respective games on PS3 and the they don’t match up. Plus, since a headset comes with every Xbox 360, there is a ton more voice communication than on PS3.

    Here’s the comparison:

    PS3 Slim

    Price: $299

    Hard Drive: 120GB

    Games/Upcoming: God of War III, MGS4, Little Big Planet, Resistance, Gran Turismo 4, Killzone, Socom 4.

    + Bluray player and Bluray games

    + Web Browser

    + Free online gaming

    – No backward compatibility for older PS2 or PS1 games

    – Online gaming sometimes laggy, few people use headsets as they are not included with the system, less competitive online gaming,
    Xbox 360 S

    Price: $299

    Hard Drive: 250GB

    Games/Upcoming: Gears of War (3), Halo 3, Halo Reach, Forza Motorsport 2 & 3, Oblivion, The Orange Box, Left for Dead, Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2.

    + Better online experience

    + Kinect

    + ESPN360

    + Much larger TV/show and Movie library

    + Backward compatible with most original Xbox games

    – Xbox Live Gold costs $50 a year, although Playstation has also added Playstation Plus which costs the same amount, you can still play online for free on Playstation.

    – No Bluray, also means games will slowly fall behind to the PS3’s capabilities.

    – Troubled hardware history from past Xbox 360 models (non-slim)

    Both consoles are almost in the same boat, the biggest deciding factors are if you are a huge bluray movie watcher, like to play online competitively, and what game library you prefer.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. well. i gotta xbox 360. i think they r both legitament gaming systems. and i think u might take time getting used to the controlller because i played my friends ps3 and i could not control the analog sticks. i think u should stay with ps3 because one u dont have to spend money on an xbox 360 and two u have to pay MORE money for live every couple months and finally three ps3 live if FREE

  5. well it depends what kind of 360 you are getting. but here are the pros and cons of xbox 360


    1-bigger game selection

    2-Cheaper than the ps3 (unless you get the 250gb 360s which is the same price as a 120gb ps3)

    3-xbox live is better than psn

    4-you can also buy movies and tv shows directly from live and download them onto your xbox directly


    1- bigger failure rate than the ps3 (although the new ones dont have that big of a failure rate)

    2- pay for online subscription

    3-uses more power

  6. Since your not getting the PS3, Pros + Cons of the 360




    -touch sensor buttons


    -very quite

    -glossy finish

    -somewhat faster

    -5 USB ports

    -Free 802.11.n Built-In wifi


    -Fingerprints are noticed

  7. guy up top is an idiot. People hack and mod mostly on PS3 cause it’s easier. Most of the people that do it on xbox are likely to get banned within minutes. the only con i think is exclusive gameplay. but that won’t matter cause you already have a PS3. One cool thing i like about xbox is party chat. you can talk with up to 7 of you friends in a party at the same time while playing games. its really cool. Plus you HAVE to get Halo Reach. there is sooooo much more I could say but for the sake of time and space, ill just say you should get it.

  8. the people who say the 360 is for “Hardcore Gamers” are lying.

    Pro’s of having the 360

    1. most of the other players don’t know how to play
    Con’s of having the 360

    1. you have to pay for x-box live

    2.The Xbox console itself is loud when playing. This can be especially annoying if you are playing a DVD movie. What is the solution for this problem? By turning up the volume of the machine you do not have to hear the swirling noise as much. Yet, this can be as annoying, too.

    3.The Xbox 360’s power source is ugly and heavy. It doesn’t really go with the sleek look of the machine. You also have to be careful where you place it. You don’t want to sit it close to other objects because it can overheat and become a fire hazard.

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