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Sony KDL-37P3020 – 37” Widescreen Bravia HD Ready LCD TV?


Currently, I have this television.

1) Is it good enough to play Xbox 360 or PS3 games?

2) How would the games look on the television?

3) Would I need to connect any accessories such as cables to the TV from the console?

4) Can it play blu-ray? If so, how good would it look?

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Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have the 32″ version of this TV and it’s fantastic with the Xbox 360.

    Most 360 games are 720p native resolution and so will look great on the 37P3020, which can support 720p and 1080i.

    The choice between these two resolutions is up to personal preference, the web has plenty of discussion about this.

    Your choice for connections are.

    Use the component cable, which you get with the 20/60gb and 120gb elite models but not with the arcade.

    Use a HDMI cable (supplied with the elite), (assuming your 360 is a newer one and has a HDMI socket).

    Use the microsoft VGA cable.

    All three options will give your high def pictures, and each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

    HDMI is probably best (although not by much), but obviously will use up one of your 2 HDMI ports, (and if you don’t have an elite you’ll have to buy the cable).

    The quality of the Component and VGA are very similar, still very good, but not quite that of HDMI. Component should come in the box, vga you will have to buy.

    If the 37″ is like mine it has to scale the VGA picture up from 1280 x 768 to 1360 x 768 to display it properly, whereas the component and HDMI signals don’t need scaling,

    It depends on which sockets you have left or may need in future on your TV.

    I have two 360’s, one with a HDMI and one without.

    I use HDMI for one and VGA for the other, (although that is because my DVD recorder uses the only component input).

    The TV is compatable with the PS3 and Blu-Ray, but as Blu-Ray is 1080p, the pictue will have to be downscalled to display on the 768 line screen.

    It will still look very good, but you will actually lose some definition from the blu-ray source.

    The best connection for a PS3 is by HDMI.

    Hope this helps.

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