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Sportsfriends – PS3 & PS4 Launch Trailer


Sportsfriends - PS3 & PS4 Launch Trailer


  1. I remember this was a kickstarter thing! I know it does not look like much but its a hell of a party game.  Much like the games Hidden in plain sight or Mount Your friends. gems!

  2. this is a very dirty joke gamespot!!..lol..this wuz just a skit,that wuz suppose to make us laugh,right???..this isn't a real thing,right???right???

  3. If they plan on updating this game every once in a while with new mingames, then I'd say Sony is doing a pretty good job in thinking outside the box. I like inovation…

  4. really? at first i swear i thought this was some cheap gamespot parody!  im glad i dodged this one by buyin an xbox one. cmon sony wat happened?!

  5. I backed this when it was on kickstarter, feels like an age ago now but it should be really good 🙂

  6. Sony, relocate your resources and focus on the good stuff, not shit like this. Nobody likes playstation move, at all.

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