tampered xbox no one is taking blame for fault?

tampered xbox no one is taking blame for fault?


i bought a refurbished xbox from walmart. it has been three months now and i shipped it to xbox and going through red tape to get it fixed. well received it back and said it was tampered with. i called xbox again and found out my xbox has two serial numberson it.

plus i also called the main honcho there and they said they would look into it. they took photos of what was supposedly wrong and said that my xbox is now in void because the warranty does not cover the system being tampered when i just bought i three months ago at walmart.

no one is taking responsibility and i do not have the money for a new one. I pleaded and begged for a new one and they refuse. who do i call and what do i do?

parent of a gamer head!

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  1. Not much you can do as you don’t know the history of the console and unless Walmart EXPLICITLY said the console was untampered with (in writing) there’s not much you can do there as they did in fact sell you a used console.

    Best bet is to sell it on eBay as you’ll get a good price for it, sell the console seperate from the power supply and accessories for the best price – and then put it towards another Xbox 360.

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