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Unboxing & Setup: Microsoft Xbox One 1TB


Well, this may seem unexpected but I just purchased a 1TB Xbox One! I’ve been wanting to get into the Xbox One for a while, however I haven’t had much of a reason to until now. I got it for the exclusives, mostly Halo 5 & Forza 6, as well any other exclusives that aren’t on PC or any other console. I also want a new media center experience, and once the Xbox One adds DVR functionality for OTA TV signals with the TV tuner, I will start using it as my media center device.

I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you thought of it, thanks.

My gamertag on Xbox Live is thewarragulman, so add me if you want.

Unboxing & Setup: Microsoft Xbox One 1TB


  1. Do u need a cable box or like a tv connection if you have an Xbox already. Like you can watch tv on the Xbox right?

  2. man Sony was probably pissed to hear the things you said in the first 30 seconds of the video

  3. Has any one figure out how to stop the dimming screen problem on Xbox one when watching movies and tv

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