Home Xbox Forum What xbox live gamertag is the best?

What xbox live gamertag is the best?


I am going to use one of these gamertags (ps i play halo alot) :

Snipe is G0D


An Effen Jew



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  1. An Effen Jew

    I have a friend that is going to change his name to “jew in the oven” or something like that today. You should add me on xbox. GT= AnAngrySkittle

  2. i guess AGuyOnDaRedTeam but to be honest i dont think any are that cool.Snipe/Sniper is just dumb in a gamertag.Jew is just kinda.iffy i mean lets face it.it sounds immature.y0urs3lf is cool if it didnt say yourself.i know what ur trying to do with the whole “you killed y0urs3lf” but its kinda dumb too.sorry.ODST ENCOR3 is ok too i guess.and just saying.if u go with a guy on the red team.what happens if your on the blue team.please dont rate me down im just trying to help u avoid some ridicule on live.i should know.i have a dumb gamertag

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