Why can’t I hear people on my xbox live headset?

Why can’t I hear people on my xbox live headset?


I have the original head sets you get with the xbox right, I can’t hear people. I think they can hear me because when I talk the mic on the tv screen shows me talking. Help?

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  1. just to make sure it’s not your mic broken go to your preferences option. And make sure under voice the voice volume isn’t muted. If you’re wondering how to get to preferences just press the center XBOX button on your controller. Scroll all the way to the right and click preferences. Click Voice and make sure the top 2 bars are high enough so you can hear. Like atleast 6 (i put it on 10 =P) And then make sure voice volume is through headset NOT SPEAKER. if all of this doesn’t work. It could be your mic broken. i suggest you buy a new one, but instead buy a better quality kind. For just $10 more you could get a Turtle Beach XLC which are sold at Best Buy, Walmart, Target etc. Or if you don’t want to spend some money on a new headset under voice (under preferences) click play through speakers. So you’ll hear the people through your tv, so you’ll be able to hear them

  2. Make sure the volume on your mic is turn up (there should be a disk on the wire or where you plug the mic into the controller.) Also check to make sure that you have your voice settings set up to go through your mic and not through the TV.

    If neither of those work, then it is likely that the speaker on your headset is broken and you will need to buy a new headset.

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