Home Xbox Forum Why can’t my Xbox 360 connect to the Xbox LIVE?

Why can’t my Xbox 360 connect to the Xbox LIVE?


I have attached the ethernet cable to my Xbox 360 and the internet is working fine. I tried running the Xbox LIVE connection test and it shows that:

1. Network adapter is wired

2. IP Address is confirmed

3. DNS is confirmed

4. MTU is confirmed

5. ICMP is confirmed

but it fails once it gets to the Xbox LIVE connection.

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  1. Xbox live is not doing very well at the moment because of many people are using it. Probably 1 million people are using it while I am typing. If this problem keeps coming then contact customer support

  2. try running it again and if every things wired its a possibility ur connection to weak and cant support it and if u have a new isp that might be a reason

  3. Is it connected to your router? I would guess so.

    You probably have a router or software firewall or something. You could try checking your internet settings (on your computer- it’s possible you aren’t getting internet at all) and opening ports/ disabling firewalls.

    Call your internet provider!

    Also, I should remind you that you need to PAY to get Xbox LIVE (gold) to play games and such.

  4. thats happened to me before, for me i just reset my xbox and unpugged my router for 10 seconds

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