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Why Isnt My Playstation 2 Memory Card Not Working?


I Did Use My Playstation for bout 3 months and when i put it on and try to save it says memory card 8mb not detected can you help me please

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  1. If it isn’t not working, then you’re all set!

    Seriously, though. is it an off-brand? If so, it’s probably corrupted, or just crapped out- or if you got new PS2, it might not even read it at all. My PS3 won’t read any off-brand PS2 or PS1 cards.

  2. Either the memory card slot is damaged or the memory card itself.

    Buy a new memory card or use the memory card you have and buy another one, and copy all the data on your old memory card into a new one.

  3. make sure its fully inserted in the slot it should click when its

    properly inserted. or try the oldschool method of blowing into

    the memory card or slot it could be just dirt

  4. what ps3 do you have? because on the 80gb you can make an internal memory card that will save ps2 and pas1 games.


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