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will my ps3 break?


well my dad just washed his hands and did not dry them or anything, and wanted to watch a movie on my ps3 so he just took his wet hand and tried to find the power button and he basically was touching my ps3 with his hands. will anything happen?

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    PS3 Fat no because it has a touch sensetive power and eject button and the front guard tilts down abit so PS3 Fat No

    Ps3 slim has physical buttons so water drops might slip through it but other than that your ok

    So Ps3 FAT your ok

    PS3 slim might have problems turning it on after if water does happen to slip through the little micro scopic cracks

  2. To completely dry out the ps3 try Silica Gel Packets. There was a good article on associatedcontent.com that explains how to dry an iPod, MP3 player, cell phones, or any electronics. You need to place your electronic device in a zip lock bag with Silica Gel Packets. Silica Gel will remove all the moisture from the electronic device and its components, something air drying will not do!

    Just Google “Silica Gel Packets” and you will find several companies selling these products. There is also a web site called: [url is not allowed] that has them.

  3. no getting a tiny bit water from your dads hands isnt gonna break the playstation, but he could have been electricuted, which is much worse. Unless some dripped into the vents (which is unlikely since the button is on a little tray on the front where there is no vent).

    Basicly no, dont worry, calm down. If it was an xbox your house would have been burning to the ground already though.

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