Xbox 360 Download Speed?

Xbox 360 Download Speed?


Will my downloads be faster if i connect my xbox directly to my main router?

I’m currently connected by wireless and am wondering if any signal will be lost this way.

not sure if its important but i have a 54mbps connection

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  1. It will be faster. I switched from wireless to directly in the router and the difference was exponential. that being said, I have about 15mbits and recieve about 11 at any given time. You’re 54mb is pretty awesome and so you might not notice much as a difference. ( As I believe you only need about 20 to get really great speed). Why dont you test it and let us know!

  2. It will be faster, maybe not a massive amount like twice the speed but it will be faster.

    A signal sent over the airwaves is likely to lose packets of data, so extra ones need to be sent to cover the ones left. With a cable however there is hardly any chance of an interuption so data can flow faster without any issues directly to the console.

    For a more stable / faster connection go with the ethernet cable when possible. I would only ever use wireless if it is not possible to run an ethernet cable through your home, but when it is I always stick with ethernet over wireless.

  3. umm nt really sure i downloaded GTA IV the other day and i had to leave it overnight

    so it might be faster.not sure just download something quick and free like a trailer for a game on both to test it

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