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xbox 360 red ring of death warranty question?


today my xbox 360 pro console got the red ring of death, i need to know if i can send it back to Microsoft to get it fixed

my xbox got modded but the warranty sticker is still in tact, so will they just check the warranty sticker or would they check the whole console for a modification?

also i bought this about 3 years ago and i no longer have the receipt, so do i need the receipt to get a new xbox from Microsoft?

and lastly i got banned from xbox live last week so would they check that to?

thank you for any answers

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  1. Dude, never trust Microsoft. Fix it yourself. Im going to make a Youtube viode on how to soon. They will check Seals. I sent mine out waited 4 weeks and it wasnt fixed due to modiffications. its easy to fix it just take it apart remove X-claps and cleen the thermal Paist off of the Heat Sink Chips (sounds like a diffrent language i kno but its easyer then it sounds.) add my MSN [email is not allowed]. Ill tell you how to fix it once you add me. Easy as pie:3

  2. Its free of charge to get the Red Ring of Death fixed. They dont even fix it, they just send you a new 360.

  3. The first thing that will stop you from even being able to send your 360 in is that you have to give them your console’s ID. Since they note which IDs have been banned, you won’t even get past this step to get a shipping label.

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