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Yakuza Ishin – TGS 2013 Gameplay Trailer ( PS3 / PS4 )


Yakuza Ishin - TGS 2013 Gameplay Trailer ( PS3 / PS4 )

*Edit* Looks like Sega doesn’t have any intention of having this come to the west, better start brushing up on my Japanese

I really really really really want this game to come to the west!

The last time I uploaded a demo video like this it was taken down because Sega doesn’t like it when you show cutscenes, so I figured I just show some gameplay footage since they don’t seem to mind that too much.

I really had quite a bit of difficulty handling the controls for this one it just seems like a total different convention control wise compared to the other games; though it probably would of helped if I played my copy Kenzan that’s just sitting on my shelf!

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Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin: Gameplay


  1. fucking foreign games.they are so cool but why in the flying fuck they can't make the UI in english as an option?

  2. Why the characters from this game are so similar to the protagonists from the previous games?

    This is really an artificial thing.

  3. I want this game, but I want subtitles, or at least a freaking dub of it. I don't want to have to learn this language so that I can understand it.

  4. SEGA you can go fuuuck yourself with this ishin gay shit, bring  Yakuza 5 to the West already!!

  5. C'mon, the PS4 has no third person action games. There would be zero competition if released in the states, Sega! Localize it already and just put it on PSN!

  6. The grinding in this game is just awful…. I hate how they shove in so many different crafting items into 1 dungeon and making me have to do 40+ dungeon run just to get enough of that certain crafting item. They should have just reduce it to 5 items per dungeon mission.

  7. Is this gameplay on the PS4 version or PS3? sorry there is hardly any difference in the Current Gen and Last Gen versions

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