hdmi cable question about playstation 3 (ps3)?

hdmi cable question about playstation 3 (ps3)?


if i have one of the small tvs that most parents buy for their children and it only supports the weakest and lowest thing that is 480i and the tv is a 4:3 screen will hdmi cables make my tv and ps3 play in 1080p like i have heard and also ow do i plug it in,do i plug it in the back of my tv or somthing,and if i do,does the back of my tv defenatly have a place for it!?

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  1. It will not make it 1080p. You need an HDMI or DVI port in the back of your TV to use HDMI, or else you will have to use RCA or COAX inputs on the tv.

  2. You can’t use an HDMI cable with the TV that you are describing because you said that it only supports up to 480i.

    An HDMI cable can only be used with a HDTV and HDTV’s can support a much higher resolution( 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p) than just 480i.

    Since you have a Standard TV, Component Cable would be the best to use.

  3. no because a 480i 4:3 sd tv does not have hdmi. if it has the 5 componet hook ups then you can use that. but that is only if it is hd ready.

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