how do i swap a name on xbox live?

how do i swap a name on xbox live?


Hi i created a xbox live account on a different xbox and i really like that name and i want to swap to my normal account that i play daily please help thank you for any answers

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  1. You can’t, you’ve got 2 seperate accounts with different gamertags and you can’t delete an account to free up a GamerTag. You’ll have to pay to change your normal GamerTag and just use a variation of the tag you want, by say adding a few numbers at the end. Just play around with it adding things until you find one that you like and that you will be allowed to use.

  2. On the Xbox dashboard look for your avatar / friends list. Once you find your self, tap A. It will then pop your avatar to the center with boxes around it. And it should say “change gamer tag”. It’s 800 MSP which is $10.

    If you can’t figure it out that way, on your Xbox remote hit the Big X on your remote. Then scroll all the way to the right and click edit profile. Then click change gamer tag. There you go mate. Good luck.

  3. You worded this a little confusingly? Do you want to CHANGE your current account’s gamertag to your old one? Or play on your older account?

    If you want to change your gamertag to your old accounts, you can’t take that name. You cannot use the gamertag of accounts that are in use. If you were really desperate, you could go on your old account (the one with the gamertag you WANT) change it to something random, then immediately change the gamertag of your current account to the desired one. (Although.16$ for a gt change?)

    If you want to play on your older account, click your Xbox Guide button and under accounts pick to download account. You must know the microsoft account email AND password assosciated with that account and you can then transfer it onto your current xbox/harddrive.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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