Is there a way to give my Xbox 360 the red ring...

Is there a way to give my Xbox 360 the red ring of death?


Last night while playing Call of Duty 5 my xbox just shut down and i got an E74 error. When i called up xbox today, they are telling i need to pay 100$ to get it fixed since e74 is only one red ring. BUT. If it were 3 red rings, i would be able to get it repaired for free. Makes no sense to me because their system crapped out on me, and its not like i did anything to make it break. They are making me pay for their crappy hardware breaking. Is there a way for me to make the 3 red rings come up so i can get my xbox repaired for free?

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  1. If your trying to get the RROD you might as well try the towel trick. First wrap in like 3 towels. Then after about 30 minutes of that it should get the RROD and then put your Xbox near a fan so it cools out. That is said to work i have never tried it but its a win win situation If it works you fixed your Xbox, if it doesnt it you can send it back in for a repair.

  2. If you really want to give it the RROD then do this.

    1) Wrap your 360 in several towels, the more the merrier.

    2) Plug in your 360 to the power (but not the TV)

    3) Turn it on

    4) Leave for an hour, unwrap and turn on again, it should be RROD’ed

    When doing this take care of it (make sure it doesn’t catch on fire or something :D)

  3. the red ring of death means it over heated and some thing in it melted, so wrap it in towels or a big blanket, and turn it on, but unplug it from the tv, and leave it for a couple of hours, the it should have the three red rings!

  4. yes there is. try plugging it in, and turning the power on. put the xbox and power supply in a pretty tight space and cover both the xbox and power supply with a blanket. this shall definitly work.

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