my xbox disk keep opening?

my xbox disk keep opening?


my xbox disc trey keeps opening and i dont know what to do.

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  1. Step 1: Make sure the faceplate is on correctly. The faceplate is the plastic piece on the front of your console.

    * Press firmly around the edges of your faceplate to snap it into place (make sure it is flush with the rest of the console). If the faceplate is not on correctly, the disc tray won’t close.

    * If you find that the faceplate is the problem, please contact Xbox Support to order a replacement faceplate.

    Step 2: Move the disc drive tray

    1. Gently move the tray up and down, and then from side to side.

    2. Press the eject button on your Xbox 360 console.

    If your disc drive still will not close, you need to have your console repaired.

    Your magnet may have came loose inside your drive and is now stuck to the other magnet on the top of your disc drive. What you need to do is take it apart and crazy glue your magnet(neatly) back on the spindle head. There’s some good guides on You Tube that can walk you through this process ([url is not allowed]). If all else fails you’ll probably need to request a repair. you can do so at [url is not allowed] which will probably be expensive.

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