What games should I get for the PS3?

What games should I get for the PS3?


I’m not sure what games to get. I got MLB The Show 09, but I’m also looking for another game to get. I really like shooter games.

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  1. Killzone 2, is amazing, especially the online

    My personal favorite(of all time) is MGS4. Also LBP is really fun. And Uncharted is a very good game

  2. I agree with everyone on Killzone 2 it’s epic, check out both Resistance Fall of Man and Resistance 2, and Resisdent Evil 5 is out next week on the 13Th.

  3. you need to get killzone 2 definitely and you need call of duty 4 modern warfare and resistance fall of man and resistance 2 for shooter games that should cover you and fallout 3

  4. KILLZONE 2 no question the best FPS of all time. Guerrilla games have set the bar in this genre

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