xbox 360?

xbox 360?


ook i was thinking. i aheva nintendo wii and i would like to get SSBB on it but i only have like 350$ i would also like to get guitar Hero 3 for the wii but then i heard of thisa thing called Xbox arcade which is 299.

should i.

a) get guitar hero 3 and ssbb for the wii and nothing else and save my money

b) save up for a ps3 orr xbox 360 its self

c) should i get the xbox arcade and ssbb because xbox arcace is worth it.

which one would you pick

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  1. xbox arcade is just eh. If i were you i’d buy the 360 regardless. I have all 3 and use nothing but my 360. The ps3 was such a waste IMO. Theres nothing specific to ps3 thats any good yet to really justify buying it at the moment.

    just my.02

  2. definatel just get Guitar hero and SSBB, then save your leftover money for an Xbox. The Xbox arcade is a very cheap consol and isnt worth it. It has no hard drive so its really a waste of money. save up after you buy the wii games, and get a regual or elite xbox

  3. I would go with either A or B. I would not go with C because the arcade 360 has no hard drive and, trust me, you will want the hard drive.

  4. I’d would choose b. because Wii is fun but my brother got Xbox 360, and its awesome. DONT GET THE ARCADE VERSION! I’d stay with the original Xbox 360 and get games like Halo 3, Assasin’s Creed, and CoD 4

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