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Battlefield 3 Premium Edition PS3?


Hi guys, i have a BF3 normal edition for PS3 with an dedicated and activated Origin account.

If i buy a new BF3 Premium Edition, can i activate all dlc with extra contents on that account, with the new premium-code inside the box?
The reason of this question is simple: the premium on PSN Store cost 50 €. On web, a new BF3 Premium Edition cost under 40 €, included delivering.

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  1. Yes – It doesn’t matter whether or not you get and activate the Premium code with the game or separately like most of us did when it was first offered after game release.

    Getting the disk for 10 Euros less is a smart move – you can use the code to activate your Premium, then turn around and sell one of the extra copies back to Gamestop and get even more money back.


    Having said that, MAKE DAMNED SURE that the “Premium Edition” PS3 game you’re looking at actually has an UNUSED Premium code (new in package) and that it’s not a used game. Otherwise, you’ll wind up paying 40 Euros for what you’ve already got.

    It should be okay though – a new Premium Edition runs about $40 US on Amazon.

  2. Yeah you can, but if you are looking just for the premium stuff, why not just buy the pass, you will be at least you will be saving $10.

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