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Black Ops Escalation Map Pack PS3 release date?


Just excited to play the new zombie map call of the dead thats come with it. So anybody know so I can mark the calendar?! Thanks!


  1. I’m actually wanting a good zombie killer to play with. I think it would make sense for it to be up on the June 2nd. Cause that day is a thurseday. And thats when the psn store is updated. But it might be later if the store aint up by then. But hey, add me. tonystro_93

  2. yo dude im totally waitin for the zombies map too man. the map pack is scheaduled to come out that first week of june but if the store aint up by then it’ll be pushed back a week or two. Btw im lookin for some good players for zombies so add me : jett1626

  3. The Escalation Map Pack is scheduled for a June 3rd release, although with the network problems it might be pushed back a few days (I’ve never gotten a map pack that was released exactly a month after the Xbox360 version, usually another few days after).

    Since Activision/Treyarch set prices for the map pack prices it’ll be 15 dollars no matter what.

    Expect it in the first week of June, but probably not the 3rd!

  4. it will probably be out between june 1st an june 5th, so about another week or so, an if your lookin for someone to play zombies with thats good, add me.skater629

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