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Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Frame Rate Test


Call of Duty Ghosts frame rate test comparing performance on Xbox 360, Xbox One via backwards compatibility and the native Xbox One version.

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The versions tested were the latest version on Xbox 360, version 1.0.1706.40719 on Xbox One via backwards compatibility and version on Xbox One. The Xbox 360 version was played from the disc. Large frame times spikes can occur when playing the native Xbox One verion with the Xbox One online (http://imgur.com/a/iXWOt), so for this test the footage was captured while the Xbox One was offline. Some frames were cut out at 5:09 due to the screen going completely white on all three versions.

Stats: http://bit.ly/2sAEFjP

Watch in 1080p and 60fps for the best experience.

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Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Frame Rate Test

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Call Of Duty GHOST: Backwards Compatible With XBOX ONE! (COD Ghost Gameplay)


  1. For a While I wondered why they made it backwards compatible then I remembered that the Xbox One version was only 720p.

  2. Excellent video, as always!

    Can you make a video of BF1 in Domination or Team DeathMatch mode? I only found the test of Conquest mode..

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. What about an analysis on the game pray, like to see how it holds and if it has dynamic resolution

  4. I liked Ghosts albeit not the most ambitious release. Maybe we'll get a sequel one day, the story was actually pretty solid.

  5. why tf would they waste time adding this if theres a dirt cheap xbone version already and you can transfer your progress. where is ninja gaiden 2, the other cod games, skate 1& 2

  6. Watching games like this become b/c gives me hope that other 360 titles that I already own w/XB1 ports will also become backwards-compatible on Xbox One someday. I honestly have little interest in repurchasing the Resident Evil 4, 5 & 6 games I own on disc, or the two Prototype games or Dead Risings 1 & 2, or Dragon's Dogma or Deadpool…

  7. It's BC for people who don't want to buy the X1 version. What's wrong with that? You guys think they will make MW2 BC? Not before they can remaster it next year. My guess is MW1 goes BC in two years after the stand alone MW1 remastered sales tank. Everyone should be thanking Ubisoft of all companies who made all their AC games BC (except two) despite the Ezio collection.

  8. Can we get a vid of Ghosts running on PS4 boost mode? It never ran that well on PS4, so I was curious how boost mode would help.

  9. Ahhhh, I see why they brought this game to BC. If you're not overly concerned about the visuals, you can just pay less for the 360 version. It's like downloading the lite version of an app.

  10. lol, why was this even made BC??? Should have been MW2 or 3. And what about the Crysis trilogy… Why haven't they made it yet… Dafuq.

  11. So if I get cod ghost (360 version) can I download the Xbox one add ons and they will still work for it or no?

  12. I still play this on the 360. It's the best version to play. So I hopped on and boom there was 5000 players on!

  13. Why would ghost be backward compatible on the one? It was on the one as well. Idk what's exciting about being bc besides the frame rate. Good video though.

  14. does my dlc from Xbox 360 come to my Xbox one version or do I need to play the 360 version

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