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Can an Xbox 360 play regular XBOX games?


I heard the 360 is backward compatible for XBOX and so i tried NBA Live 06 and it didn’t work. The only game that worked on the 360 was Halo 2.

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  1. It has limited backward compatibility. A list of known compatible games is available at the XBox website:

    [url is not allowed].

    Other games might play, but will have problems, up to and including crashes.

    EDIT: Looking back on this, that last statement may be a lie. They actually use a level of software emulation to run these games, so they could very well lock out any game that is “not approved” so that it won’t play at all.

    But I’m not really sure what they do. Sorry for the potential misinformation.

  2. The xbox 360 can only play certain original xbox games. The ones that it will mostly play are the ones that were a hit when the original xbox was out

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