Home Xbox Forum can you get the xbox one in payments?

can you get the xbox one in payments?


im asking if you can get the xbox one but you dont pay it all in one day

you just pay an amount of money monthly until you finish paying it all?

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  1. If the store allows this, sure.

    Or if you use a credit card you can do this as well (although, if you aren’t careful the interest will quickly grow larger than the cost of the XB1!)

  2. Usually stores only have Layaway options during the holidays, but check with your local Wal-Mart to see if they have Layaway. Then have them put an xbox one on your account there, and pay it off as you go.

    You won’t be able to take it home until it’s paid for, but this gives you incentive to put money down on it every time you get paid vs. just trying to save up money on your own.

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