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Do Digital PS3 games have mandatory installs like their retail versions?


Plenty of PS3 games require hard disk installations, even though downloaded games are technically on the hard drive already, are installs still required, like say to uncompress files on the download? Can you give me an example?

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  1. with digital games you are installing the entire game on the hard drive so it includes the part that installs off the disc in disc based games , you also install updates like woth disc based games.

    you obviously install the same data as the disc because that is part of the game , but also install the rest of the game if you download it instead of just part of it

    if a game is 12 gigabytes like the game mass effect 2 digital is , you install 12 gigabytes on the hard drive plus any dlc and updates , if you had the same game on disc and it had a 4 gig install you’d install only 4 gigs plus updaes and any dlc.

    the reason for game installs with dic based games that require tham is to speed load times , by having the cut scenes on the hard drive the game does not need to load all that data off the disc to play these scenes so this speeds the load times , with a digital title the entire game is on the hdd and always pre-loads data , not just the cut scenes a disc based game would have installed so usually the games load a lot faster and run smoother with digital titles.

    that is one advantage of downloaded games , fast load times and no disc noise plus no worries about scratched discs and no need to swap discs to switch games

    I prefer downloaded games , mainly because of the faster load times and no need to swap discs ( I have almost 200 games off psn so would also need a lot of space to store the discs and wear out the blu-ray drive faster if I had all disc based games )

    edit , an example of a downloaded game is easy to see , just downlaod any demo of a psn ( not retail title ) game that required the demo to unlock the full game , you install the demo and if you buy the full game you already have installed the entire game

    now download a demo of a disc based game like the mass effect 3 demo , the demo is only a small part of the full game but close to the size of the install off the disc. if you downloaded the full game you’d get the same sections as in the demo plus the rest of the game so install size would be about 10 plus gigs instead of the 4 gig demo size.

  2. Since you are downloading it from the store, first you must download the data and then install it to your hard drive. Then if the game has a update you need to install that as well.

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