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GTA 4 (xbox-360)? please answer my question.?


what does GTA 4 have in it for it to be rated M? please help.

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  1. Graphic violence (shooting, stabbing, beating, running people over), language (the dialogue is rife with every swear word imaginable in multiple languages), sex (strip clubs, sexual encounters with girlfriends or prostitutes), alcohol (you can take a friend or date to get drunk then drive back home – and you will drive poorly, might I add). it certainly earns that rating. But really, it’s no worse than a comparable R-rated movie.

  2. Blood

    Intense Violence

    Partial Nudity-including scantily clad hookers and strip clubs with dancer wearing nothing but thong bottoms and black taped x’s on their nipples

    Strong Language

    Strong Sexual Content-including Provocative dancing in strip clubs, and fully animated transactions with hookers (albeit not nude)

    Use of Drugs and Alcohol

    this is among a very sleazy climate with suggestive ads and many adult themes either in the story, dialogue, signs, or the radio. Keep in mind that the creators of the game claim that most of it is satire.

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