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Having trouble what game should i get for PS3? Rachet and clank future,Turok,UT3,Devil May Cry 4.?


what is best and rae them on 1-10

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  1. Good fighting – Virtua Fighter 5;

    Good FPS – Resistance: FOM;

    Good 3rd person action – Ratchet and Clahk: TOD.

    By the way, don’t forget to download demos from the PS Store.

  2. well, I have UT3, there are demos for ratchet, turok, and devil may cry. Today is when DMC gets released too 🙂 Depends what type of gameplay you enjoy too. I think DMC and Ratchet are fun if you play alone often and UT3 is good if you play online a lot. Turok. Well, I liked the demo and I see that there is online as well, I loved the demo of turok and I’d give that my vote.

    I liked Ratchet on the psp so yeah

    R&C FTOD: 8

    Turok: 9

    UT3: 9

    DMC: (never got through the demo enough 😛

    If you like shooting in third person then go Ratchet, If you like shooting like crazy, just play UT3. If you wanna take it a bit slower(i don’t know about online) play Turok. Then there’s Devil May Cry 4, if you like ratchet gameplay but with demons and such. yeah there you go

  3. Only a fan of UT3 from that list.

    Ratchet and Clank is good if you like action/platformers

    Turok is just another fps, and I have read it can get frustrating

    Of course you know about DMC, but those button smashing games don’t appeal to me. For replay value I would say UT3.

  4. Turok= 7 out of 10

    Ratchet and Clank= 9.5 out of 10

    UT3= 8 out of 10

    Devil May Cry 4=10 out of 10

    Thats how they stand.

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