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How to Purchase PS4 Games | PS4 FAQs


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So you have this PS4. How are you going to go ahead and purchase games for it now? This actually really simple. There are three different ways you can get your hands on the games for the PS4 The first, the simplest, the one probably know already is you go to a store and you buy a game. It’s as simple as that. Luckily there’s no restrictive DRM or restrictive policies that sort of limit what you can buy, what you can resell, what you can lend. None of that’s a problem. You just go to the store, buy the game, pop it in, you’re good to go.. Another way you can get games, is you can buy them digitally on the PSN Network. You similarly just put in your credit card information or your PSN gift card, you select the title, it will download.

The cool thing is now the PS4 has background downloading, so you don’t even need to wait for the whole game to download, before you can jump in and start playing. And that’s the second most common way you can pick up a game. And then the last way you can get your hands on these games, and this isn’t really buying it so much as using a service, is you can be a PlayStation Plus Member. The cool thing about being a PlayStation Plus Member, which requires a monthly fee – that varies depending whether you’re buying a card off a retailer or you’re doing it directly through Sony – is that they have something called The Instant Game Collection. And anybody, similar to Netflix, anybody who’s a member of PlayStation Plus has access to this library of games.

And like PSN downloadable games, you’re just going to select them. You’re going to buy them, even though it’s for free and your going to download the games to your console. And your going to get in there and enjoy them. And as long as you’re a PlayStation Plus Member, you will have access to those games. So even if you delete it, you can go back later and re-download it and replay it, you just have to remain a member. And so those are the three ways that you can get your hands on and purchase PlayStation 4 games.

How to Purchase PS4 Games | PS4 FAQs

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  1. Hy guys i have a problem with my play station, i both some games befor with my card and after a cople days i tried to buy a game from playstore and gived me an error etc, and i didnt edited anything… what coud it be.

  2. What if you have 20 bucks in your account using psn card. How do u add 10 bucks using a credit card and not havin to pay everything with the caes

  3. when u purchase a game from PlayStation store and then ur PlayStation plus expires will u have to rebuy it

  4. I'm from the carribean and my country there so I put united states and put someone address from away it's credit card invalid like tf the games way cheaper online in my country it's like they asking for ur pay tf

  5. i was have a disc copy for "uncharted4" installed on my PS4 and when i purchased the game from PS store and after they toke the money it shows unavailable because i already have disc copy already installed…
    i tried to delete everything related to that disc copy but again still showing unavailable…
    what should i do?

  6. I'm from the caribbean, it's asking fr my street address n zip code n we don't use tht, how do we go abt it?

  7. I m trying to register playstation plus member bt i cant, i am using visa card. bt this card is issued in Tanzania and I registered playstation in Malaysia…any help

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