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Is there going to be a new xbox this year or early next year?


I’m thinking of buying a xbox tomorrow and i dont want to waste 200-300 on a xbox to have a new one come out within a year. So is there any news to when the new xbox is going to come out. Also will gamestop buy a xbox that i opened up? Thanks for your answers

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  1. No, the new Xbox isn’t even officially confirmed to exist so it won’t be coming out for a while, at least 2 years if not more.

  2. No new consoles for another 2 or three years so your good! Any ways there’s a bunch of good games coming out next year like Bioshock Infinite and possibly GTA V. I’m sorry Jamboy but its a wii u the graphics wont be that good and those 2013 console rumours are fake trust me I’ve searched up so much crap and there’s no news on next gen consoles except for small unimportant things.

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