Home Xbox Forum my xbox does pick up my ipod touch?

my xbox does pick up my ipod touch?


ok so i plug my ipod touch 2nd gen into the usb port but the xbox doesnt pick it up. its the offical cable and everything. the strange thing is, it charges when pluged in but it just isnt reconised.

please help

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  1. its probably because it is an ipod(made by apple). i have a zune hd(made by microsoft) and it works fine. if you want to listen to music you can burn a cd and then save the songs to your xbox

  2. well as i know the x bow suckes at rating so i think if you what to do somthing like the ps3 is a very good on enter net and every thing else i have a xbox360 and you have to do a lot just to get the enter net and you cant get on myspace so its not your coord its your its your xbox it wasent made to do all that it dont even have its own wifi but i have one and dont even play xbox 360 not

  3. The Touch cannot be used on the 360. Apple uses proprietary software that blocks any unauthorized device from accessing it. Regular iPods like the Nano will work, but you will only be able to play unprotected media because of DRM.

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