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Playstation 3 help?


I get online with my PS3 via wireless internet connection and I can surf the web without a problem but I can’t access the Playstation Store to download demos or videos. Do I have to have a wired connection to access the Playstation Network/Playstation Store?

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  1. no you dont cuze i have a ps3 my id is:Pillllow_llll i surf tyhe web and use the psn store and i have wireless connection you should call sony text support 1800 345 7669

  2. I had the same freaking problem last week after I installed the latest update. Before the latest update, I had no problem getting on Sony Online, but after the update, couldn’t get to the store anymore. The only solution that I could come up with is to turn the firewall off on the wireless cable modem.

    I tried connection to the store using a wired router, and I still couldn’t get on because I think the firewall on my wireless cable modem is still preventing it.

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