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ps2 game on ps3?


i got my ps3 (60Gb version) from a friend couple of days ago. i was wondering if i can play fifa 07 or winning eleven ( both ps2 games on my ps3

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  1. You can play them, but sadly, for some inexplicable reason, your PS2 games will actually look worse on your PS3. I thought FF12 looked so bad on the PS3 that I hooked my PS2 back up.

  2. All ps2 and ps1 games are compatible on the ps3 in addition to the ps3 games and blu ray dvd’s. Enjoy your games.

  3. yea.but make sure that you are able to get a software update.if you have the original software on the ps3 then it is very poor quality on the ps2 and ps games for because they did not use a smoother on the original software.all you have to do to get the software is just connect your ps3 to the internet and it should automatically tell you if you need a software update

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