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ps3 mysterious scratches?


On my ps3 I see scratches and i dont think i have done anthything to scratch it? Could it be my skin when I rub it?

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  1. when you rub it? unless you are into some hardcore rub action with your ps3 i can’t imagine that the case would be that sensitive that it would scratch at the slightest touch. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Pets? Maybe when you set the controller next to the system you accidentally?

  2. take better care of it man! they’re precious! no i’m kidding. i dunno. i use that little rag thing to clean it that came with my psp if you know what i’m talkin about.

  3. the ps3 disc should not scratch they are made of a harder outer coating than most Cd’s. You must be using some force to create that, use a clean cloth, and wipe from the inside out all the way around, dont go around the disc this damages the lines on it

  4. It is probably just normal wear and tear, it happens to cell phone screens as well. And sometimes it is the way the manufacture makes it, so it might looks like it has scratches

  5. I know what you mean. I have been using a soft cleaning cloth to wipe of the dust from my PS3, and ever since, these very light and small scratches have appeared on my PS3. I wasn’t rough with it or anything either. The PS3’s exterior just scratches very easily and that’s really about it.

    Because of the glossy finish, scratches will occur much more easily. A special type of scratch resistant coating should have been put on the console or something.

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